My Family

Photo credit: Laurie Crutchfield Photography

Hi! I' Kate Jordan. I am called Kate, Katybug, Kate-kate, bruh (not a fan of this one), & mom. I'm currently a Product Portfolio Manager for an Engineering software company by day (strategy and future thinking) and filling my artistic cup with Photography most nights and weekends. My husband, Rob, is my best friend and supports me and all my crazy. I have two kiddos (13 & 16) that are growing too quickly and keep us busy with baseball and shopping. I love to travel and wish I was outside more. I want to grow ALL the plants, go on river adventures, hike through the woods, smell the flowers, ride the motorcycle on mountain adventures, and I plan to live life to the fullest. Yeah, I also like eat new things and get lost.

I'd like to be your go-to person when you need a smile or if you need me to capture your best angle in a photo. I'm passionate about finding those perfect perspectives that bring out your best in every shot. Invite me to your party or sporting event and I'll work to create visual stories that showcase the beauty in every moment.

I'm also an avid landscape photographer and adore architectural and historic design. Let me help showcase your real estate or rental properties. I can help bring your listing to life.

Let's talk so I can get to know you!